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Packaging : 100 ml


A  Powerful  Germicide  Antiseptic  Liquid

Composition :
Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution    I.P.    0.3 % w/v
Cetrimide     I.P.    0.5 % w/v
Harlon is effective on all types of minor cuts, bruises and wounds. It does not sting and therefore helps heal without hurting.

Usage : For all type of First-Aid, Dilute one part (by volume) Harlon with three parts (by volume) of clean water and apply on the wound with cotton swabs.


Septol antiseptic liquid disinfects, prevents infection and promotes the natural healing process of the skin in case of minor wounds, insect bites and scrapes. The Septol antiseptic fluid can also be used in the bath.


Taking care of (minor) wounds:antiseptic treatment

1.            A wound should always be disinfected to prevent infection.

2.            Always wash your hands first, then clean the skin around the wound thoroughly, with soap.

3.            Let the blood flow for a moment and then rinse the wound clean in running water.

4.            Dry your hands and use a tissue to dab the wound dry.

5.            Always dilute the Septol antiseptic disinfectant in the recommended ratio 2 bottle caps (30ml) diluted in 500ml of lukewarm water.

6.            Now it's time to disinfect the wound. Carefully rub some of the antiseptic solution on the wound and the surrounding skin – using sterilely packaged gauze if possible.

7.            Make certain not to let any disinfectant come into contact with the eyes, nose or mouth to prevent irritation.

8.            Now the wound can be 'sealed' with a plaster (band aid) or emergency dressing.

9.            Repeat this process of disinfecting and re-sealing the wound 1 to 2 times every day until the wound is properly healed.

10.       In the event that an infection develops despite cautionary measures, seek medical attention.

Take note:

·        For disinfection purposes, the Septol antiseptic liquid should always be diluted in the following ratio: 2 bottle caps of Septol antiseptic liquid (30ml) in 500ml of lukewarm water.

·        When using in the bath, add 5 bottle caps of Septol antiseptic liquid (75ml) to the fully drawn bath.

·        Suitable only for external use.

·        Prevent any direct contact with eyes or ears.

·        If any (non) diluted Septol antiseptic liquid does come into contact with eyes or ears, wash them thoroughly and immediately with water.

·        If any Septol antiseptic liquid is accidentally swallowed, drink lots

of water and seek medical attention, bringing the Septol packaging with you to show the doctor.

·        Store under 25 degrees Celsius