MEFIC-P, Mefenamic full formula Suspension, Mefenemic Acid 100mg Suspension, Mefenemic Syrup, Mefenamic Acid Suspension, Fever & Pain Relief, Nimesulide Paracetamol suspension Option, Analgesic Antipyretic Suspension
Packaging : 60 ml


Each 5ml Contains:


Mefenamic Acid            IP      100mg.

Flavoured Syrupy base                 q.s.


Child: 6 Month to 1 Yr. 2.5 ml tid.

            2 to 4 Yr. 5ml tid.

            5 to 8 Yr. 7.5ml tid

            9 to 12 Yr. 10ml tid

           Or As directed by the Physician