HEMATOP-Z, Iron Tonic with Zinc, Ferric ammonium Folic Zinc Cyanocobalamine, Ferric Vitamin B12 Folic Zinc, Iron Vitamin B12 Folic Zinc Tonic, Iron Syrup, Iron Folic Zinc Syrup, Vitamin B12 Tonic, Zinc tonic,
Packaging : 100 ML & 200 ML

Iron Tonic with Zinc in Tasty Orange Flavour

Each 15 ml. Contains :
Ferric Ammonium Citrate                       I.P.     150 mg.
(equivalent to 32.25 mg of Elemental Iron)
Cyanocobalamin                                   I.P.      15 mcg.
Folic Acid                                              I.P.       1.5 mg.
Zinc Sulphate                                       I.P.       33 mg.
(equivalent to 7.5 mg of Elemental Zinc)

DOSAGE : ADULTS : Two tablespoonfuls, three times a day
CHILDREN : One tablespoonful, three times a day
INFANTS : One teaspoonful daily

INDICATIONS :     Iron deficiency anemia, pregnancy  anemia, lactation, Loss of appetite, General  Weakness & Convalescence.