HEMATOP, Hematinic Syrup, Hematinic with Vitamin B12, Iron Tonic with Cynocobalamine and folic , Ferric Cynocobalamine and Folic Tonic, Iron Tonic in Tasty Flavour, Iron with Folic Tonic, Iron Folic Syrup,
Packaging : 100 ML& 200 ML

Iron  Tonic  in Tasty Orange Flavour

Each 15 ml contains :
Ferric Ammonium Citrate            I.P.    160 mg.
(equivalent to elemental iron 32 mg.)
Cyanocobalamine                      I.P.    7.5 mcg.
Folic Acid                                   I.P.      0.5 mg.

DOSAGE : One tablespoonful twice a day
                  or as directed by the Physician.