CALSACB, Calscab Lotion, Calamine Lotion, Ayurvedic calamine Lotion, Herbal Calamine Lotion, Calamine Zinc Camphor Rosa Centifolia Lotion, Lotion for the relief of itching due to sunburn prickly heat insect bites minor skin irritation,
Packaging : 100 ml

Calsacb LOTION

Calamine  with  Zinc"Oxide, Camphor & Rosa  Centifolia

Composition :
Calamine                7 %
Zinc Oxide               2 %
Camphor              0.1 %
Rosa Centifolia    5 %

Application : Apply locally three or four times a day INDICATIONS : A soothing lotion for the relief of itching due to sunburn, prickly heat, insect bites, minor skin irritation. CAUTION : Avoid contact of the medicine with eyes.